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Once upon a time we owned a goat dairy and cheese company in Texas. After years of raising goats we sold the farm and built a cow cheese company. Looking for someone to make ceramic cheese plates for our cheese shop we became frustrated finding nobody willing. We purchased a used wheel and kiln and taught ourselves how to make pottery on the wheel. What started off as a way to solve a problem became an obsession and Burnt Offerings Pottery was born. As our desire to create functional pottery grew, we both decided it was time for a change. We sold the cheese company and moved to the mountains of southwest New Mexico. We lived just outside of Silver City, New Mexico where we crafted functional pottery and sought to pursue a healthy lifestyle enjoying the beauty and activities the mountains had to offer. That was December 2019.  Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard and the economy took a huge turn for the worse affecting many small businesses like ours.  We had no choice but to uproot and make a new start, seeking greater opportunity.  So we moved to Tombstone, AZ, changed our company name and rebranded ourselves as Tombstone Pottery. The town of Tombstone's slogan is "The Town Too Tough to Die", and now we say we are "The Pottery Too Tough to Die!"

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Tombstone Pottery was established out of our desire to continue to create daily use ceramics for the home that not only serve a function but bring beauty into your everyday life. Each piece is crafted by hand with attention to form and function. The colors we choose reflect the beauty of the desert and mountains surrounding historic Tombstone, AZ, the place we are blessed to call home. As pottery is an art form that encourages constant growth, learning, and challenge, we strive to always improve our craft, and develop our skills.

It all starts with the clay. Each piece of Tombstone Pottery is made with a custom blended clay body that we make ourselves in our studio.  Our clay is classified as a white cone 6 stoneware. We chose this clay because it responds well to the glazes we formulate and mix ourselves. Furthermore, in the near future we will be building a gas fired soda kiln and this clay should work well for both oxidation and reduction firing. Food safe glazes are used on all food contact surfaces unless otherwise stated. To retain the integrity of your pottery over time, you can wash in warm soapy water by hand. However, our products are dishwasher safe, and our pottery is sent through the dishwasher daily without harm.  Do avoid placing pottery in extreme hot to cold or cold to hot environments when using. For example, it is best to place room temperature pottery into a cold oven and then turn on the oven to heat up items. Never place cold pottery into an already hot oven.  Also, do not place a hot piece of pottery into the refrigerator or freezer, or set on a cold granite countertop without a trivet underneath. This can cause thermal shock, cracking, breaking and/or injury.

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